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7 Benefits of daily walking.


7 Benefits of daily walking.

7 Benefits of daily walking.

7 Benefits of daily walking.



Benefits of daily walking:

 Benefits of Daily Walking – Walking is the easiest form of exercise. Walking will naturally give you a feeling of well-being and vitality. There are hundreds of other benefits. From controlling diabetes and high blood pressure, relieving arthritis problems, eliminating obesity, helping to increase muscle strength and preventing osteoporosis or bone fragility.


7      Important Benefits of Walking:


1. A healthy heart, a beautiful life: 

 People who walk regularly have a significantly reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Besides, while walking, the harmful cholesterol LDR from the body decreases and the level of good cholesterol HDR increases. Besides, blood circulation in the body is normal. Health will increase People with diabetes take regular walks as per doctor's advice. However, they benefit from it. According to a British Medical Journal report, regular walking reduces the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer by 60%. It is also very good for health.


2. Controls weight: 

Various exercises can be done to keep the weight under control. If you want to lose weight, you should burn 600 calories per day. That's more calories than a day's worth of food. If a person weighing 60 kg walks for 30 minutes at a speed of 2 miles per hour every day, he can burn 75 calories. If you are used to walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour, you can burn 99 calories. Walking at a speed of 4 miles per hour will burn more calories. The calorie loss will be 150. Walking makes the muscles of the body more active.


3. Increases leg strength: 

Walking not only increases the strength of the legs but also exercises the toes. Besides, the waist and other parts of the body are naturally healthy due to movement.


4. Reduces risk of joint pain:  

 Regular walking reduces the risk of pain in various joints of the body. Usually, with increasing age, women experience pain in various bones and joints of the body. Walking is undoubtedly a very effective exercise to keep the joints of the body healthy.


5. Increases muscle strength: 

When walking, not only the feet move but also both hands move in equal rhythm. It exercises every joint of the hand, neck and shoulders. Back pain problems can be reduced by regular exercise. Understand the benefits of daily walking.


6. Memory increases:   

People's memory generally declines with age. 1 in 14 people aged 65 and over have dementia. And 1 in 6 people 80 and older develop memory loss. Regular exercise increases blood flow to the brain. It reduces the risk of memory loss up to 40 percent. A UK study found that older adults who walked at least 6 miles a week had better memory.


7. Vibrant body and mind:  

 Morning nature is always sweet. The fun of walking at this time is different. While enjoying the beauty of nature, the mind is naturally refreshed, the body and mind are refreshed. The muscles are relaxed and loosened by the vital flow of oxygen to every joint of the body. Therefore, the benefits of daily walking are many. That we have to practice.


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